Rainbow over the minicipality

Rainbow over the minicipality

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Falling Watter

best idea ever, might get a Physics Nobel.
Was drinking too-hot tea, and thinking of cooking from the inside out if one drank boiling fluid.
But had been standing under very hot water, heating up for the day, thinking.
It is not the temperature that makes it bearable, but the fact the temperature of the water is falling.
Continually boiling water is adding heat at an aggressive rate, but as long as the temp is falling, even gradually and imperceptibly, then the water is bearable to the skin.
It is falling at a falling rate.
The temp is falling as the water is falling, in drops, like rain.
Question: is the energy released by the falling temperature converted to kinetic energy causing the drops to fall faster than they would if they were just accelerating downwards due to the principles of the Theory of Gravity.
It is a continuous process, and it would be an addition to the rate of increase, the second derivative.
I bet no one has ever measured this and it would be quite easy to film falling drops from a distance.
All of the lost heat is presumed to be transferred to the exterior of the drops where the temperature is lower.
It must be remembered that what we perceive as 'temperature' at our macro-level, is actually the kinetic energy of individual particles at an atomic level that is imperceptible to us.  Hot water is hot because the water molecules have a lot of kinetic energy and are constantly bumping into each other, exchanging energy when they do.
At the surface of the bubble of falling water some of the molecules will bounce straight out of the bubble, taking energy with them in their speed away, a form of linear kinetic energy.
However, heat lost to the surroundings of the bubble as the bubble cools might not account for all of it.
The kinetic energy of the particles is usually random in all directions equally so no direction results but in the direction of falling, where potential energy is already being converted to kinetic energy as the drop speeds up, some molecular energy will align with the over-all 'gravitational' kinetic energy and combine with it, increasing the rate of downward acceleration above Newton's predictions. 
While we are referring to movement of atoms and molecules, it is still at a vastly grosser and larger scale than the effects of Quantum Mechanics.  It is hard to imagine how very small 'very small' really is.
So what is the advantage besides something to think about under the shower?
Perhaps in Space Travel, where distances are vastly larger than my shower, some form of cooling could be converted to kinetic energy, creating a new type of hyper-drive.  Then again, at that sort of fuel storage temperature, there would probably be atomic fusion anyway, a much more efficient fuel.
While they are falling, the drops do fall a lot in temperature, but it wold be better if inverted, so the hot water fell on my feel and by the time it reached my head it wasn't brain-boiling.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Wonderland at ACMI is a disapointment.

Wonderland at ACMI is a disapointment. It is good but fails to be excellent. It misses a lot of opportunities.
As soon as you walk in, it is all fake. Suspending disbelief and feeling like one is actually in Wonerland is impossible.
So many missed opportunities. The bizarre architecture of the location means walking down a huge twisted flight of stairs to reach the entrance. It could be so like falling down the rabbit hole, but no!
The pile of books on the table near the entrance look like they could be Dodgson's and are of that vintage, but cannot be picked up as they are glued together. What? Are they so worried that one or two might be slightly damaged that they destroy every single one of them? 'Oh!' they must say, 'Lewis Carrol is Somebody, his books are worth millions, but all those other old books are by worthless people.'

It is fine making it fit for children, but does it need to be run by kindeergarten teachers? All the uniformed envigilators spoke like trained robots, explaining things in slow, excrutiating detail, just in case we were about to immerse ourselves in something. At Disnyland, we interact with the Daisy and Minnie and everyone, not people dressed like security guards, and the same could happen here, but it is another opportunity missed.
Little kids like to climb, as do some very big kids, but when you climb up the huge chair towards something glowing at the top, and start to climb the ladder, there is a blastic barrier like the ones that stop possums on trees that reminds you it is all fake, and you aren't tiny or large at all, just going the wrong way. Considering the exhibition is for people of all sizes, as is the book itself, they don't make anything much at all.
It was hot as a sauna in there, and needing to crawl around on one's knees made it very difficult. Why not have steps and boxes at the little windows, so people of all heights can easily look though, instead of having them at a hight that suits only some children, and is very challenging for adults?
Something else is that it is blandly international. There is nothing at all about the exhibition that locates it in the heart of Melbourne. Considering the prominance of Aboriginal Australia in all public events, they could have structured the journey through the exhibition like a Song-Line, the traditional Australian way of recording and telling stories from history.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Art Movements

Don't get me started on Economics.  Over the years it has been one of the topics I have invented my own integrated, multi-dimensional systems to describe and explain.  I am a solitary, introverted person who spends most of my time in my head thinking.  I have very little to do with the rest of the world, these outings to the Theatre are quite a recent development, and actually writing my ideas is too time-consuming, tedious and pointless.

[Written to 45 Downstairs]

Frankly, I think you should make it free.  The problem is evening out attendance on the night, so people would need to book, which implies booking costs.  Public Transport should be free.  Museums found out years ago that if they were free they would have more people, and everyone spends more in the gift shop and food hall than they saved in entry-fee.  It is the same as the amount drunk at a function is less if it is free than if there are bar prices.
There have been many 'Art Movements' that were based on the concept of Art not being a commercial commodity, including fabricating 'Art Objects' that have a Capital Value as an Investment Asset, not that there is anything wrong with that because it does increase the market for 'Art', but it is not the meaning of what 'Art' is.  Giving people an opportunity to add a donation to their ticket is something that some Arts Organisations already do.  I am convinced that if the ticket was free with no booking fee, but there were options to add a booking fee and a donation, the end result would be more revenue, not less. 

Here is a prediction.  We are Astrologically nearly through the Cusp from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, when we will live in a genuinely 'Free Society'; there are already signs of it.  

Friday, 1 September 2017

Living in our 4-D world.

Living in our 4-D world.
When we look around us, we see a 2-D projection of our visual field, through circuits that criss-cross our brains, onto our visual cortex, which provides us with the cyclorama in which we behave.  Our vision of the world is always like a flat picture, but one with depth because of our binary vision.
When we close our eyes, we are not limited to seeing (with our minds eye) what is in front of us, but we can, in our minds, see all around us.
When we look at a flat picture, we are looking at it from outside of it.  If our point of view was in the picture, we would only see the immediate surrounding pixels, because we would be within a pixel, using computer jargon.  This concept has been well described in literature.
When we imagine the world around us while not observing it, we may imagine ourselves immersed in it.  The new immersive, virtual, binocular perceptual inventions are based on this principle.  When we put on the headset, we are presented with a construction of what we would see in a picture of the direction of view, that gives the illusion of existing within the imaginary reality.  It is constructed mathematically using rays and vectors and whatever based on the idea that the observer is within the scene.
We are deemed to exist within a single pixel, or perhaps a pair of close pixels, so we are similarly only able to see the surrounding pixels.  However, because most (where the air is) are transparent, we can see a lot of structure all around.
Some people are probably better at this than others.  It is part of our psycho-physiological development that we learn to navigate the 3-D world of which our bodies are part.  How well we conceptualise ourselves as existing within spatial dimensions must vary.  Reading literature is recommended to develop this.
It is also possible to imagine the world around oneself without being inside it, but as an outside observer of the space one inhabits.  One would see ones physical body from all sides as existing within the world, but one wold not be seeing the world from within that body.  It would be an out of body experience.  Many people have reported such experiences, for example swimmers who see themselves from above while they swim up and down in the pool below.  The near death experience includes this sort of perception. 
It must be possible for our brains to construct this sort of perception if it occurs spontaneously for some people in specific, usually extreme circumstances.  Then, it may be possible to develop the ability to see the world that way at will.  Perhaps some Religious, meditative and concentration techniques induce this perception giving rise to the belief that we each have a soul that is somehow outside or beyond the physical universe.  (There are other concepts of soul that are not negated by this argument.)
To recap: We look at a picture from outside the frame, in a totally different dimension.  Even a 3-D picture is viewed from outside the picture and in front of it.  Our perception of the world is of a circular or spherical projection all around us of a picture of what our eyes perceive but a picture that has depth.  We as observers are outside the picture.
Once one has perfected the ability to perceive ones surrounding environment from outside it, then one can start to explore the geometry of this extra-dimensional reality.  Our almost universal, cubical Architecture lends itself to this sort of exploration.  If we see ourselves in a room with a door in each wall, as well as a door in the ceiling and the floor, we can easily imagine ourselves going through that door into the room beyond.  Each room has six doors to the six surrounding rooms. 
Because it is all in the mind, we are not bound to imagine it as the animators present it, with the rooms forming an endless grid, with door on opposite sides opening onto room after room in every direction.  If we return to our 2-D heuristic simplification, we can imagine ourselves in the picture, which we now know is not continuous in every direction but is square.  We can move around within the flat surface and when we reach an edge, we can find a door to the next square.
Squares can repeat endlessly on a flat surface, or they can be wrapped round the sides of a cube.  Six squares form a cube.  If we were in one face, we could reach an edge, and stay on the cube by going through the door at the same time as shifting direction into another dimension, so that we are still in a flat, 2-D space, but within a plane at right angles to where we were.
Returning to 3-D, when we open a door at one side of our room, we can also imagine ourselves changing into another dimension, so that our room is somehow at right angles to the room we left, even though each appears to us, looking down on it, as a normal square room.  Because we have changed direction while we exit/enter a door, the rooms do not extend for ever, but wrap around a tesseract, just as the squares wrap around a cube.  Eight cubes form a tesseract.
It is therefore quite easy to see oneself within the rooms, one by one that wrap round each other.  It has to be done with eyes closed, because as soon as one looks around oneself at the real world, the other dimension collapses and we return to our pseudo-3D perception (2-D with depth) that looks real.  When the sense of changing direction when moving from room to room is perfected, it is possible to dispense with the walls of the room, and see everyone at once.  This is the equivalent of having not a cube with picture-sides, but a transparent cube that one can see inside. 
Higher dimension mathematics tends to describe shapes like the tesseract in terms of their surfaces, edges and points instead of considering the space within.  Architects design the structure, but it is the space within that we inhabit, just as we look at pictures from outside the surface.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Bubbles and stuff

We live in a polarised society.  Within the big bubble of the whole community, people live in social bubbles with invisible boundaries.  These bubbles intersect, and everyone lives in a lot of social bubbles.
New Whig exists in the interstices between the bubbles. Society is like a great foam, full of Social Bubbles.  We are all surrounded by Energy-Fields.  Energy is little understood by Science and even less by most people.  Just as objects of Mass in close contact and moving in unison are equivalent to a single Mass, so people who are socially joined combine their personal Energy Fields.  All Energy is subject to the irrational Wave/Particle Duality, and while we usually think of our Energy being located in a particular spot, namely within our physical bodies, our interactions with other people and with our Social Groups, our Social Bubbles, can only be explained in terms of Energy Fields that exist like bubbles round groups of people.
Foam is the most common structure in the universe.  Indeed, on a large scale, the Universe is a foam, just like the top of frothy, soapy water or where waves break on a sloping beach.  When Astronomers map the zillions of Galaxies that have become visible with orbiting telescopes and whose distance can be quite accurately estimated, we find that it is not an even, grainy distribution, but maps onto huge bubbles, many hundreds of times larger than any galaxy, and while these bubbles appear to be utterly empty, the galaxies we do see are all located in the interstices between the galaxies.  The structure of human cells is very similar: figure and ground.
Where a few bubbles meet there is a multi-filamented nucleus-like blob, and it is within these interstices that galaxy clusters form.  Galaxies can also form along the filaments that exist between three bubbles, some of which are like long tubes, and reach eventually to another blob where another galaxy cluster will form.  How large this foam might be is impossible to say, as our perception is limited to the range in which light can travel before the size of the foam reaches a scale where the foam-expansion exceeds the speed of light.  For indeed, the celestial foam is expanding.  It is like shining a spotlight on a small area of soap foam, counting the zillions of bubbles and then wondering how far the foam extends beyond the light.  We might well imagine that the foam is vastly extensive on a scale that we cannot imaging, and that it, itself is but a speck on the footstool of something yet vastly greater still.   So, Foam is universal.
Within Societies, people (and social creatures including ants and bees) are like the particles in the wave/particle duality, and we all see ourselves that way, but in the real world, there are Energy Fields that interact.  Social Bubbles are made up of groups of linked individuals.  Families are the paradigm. Australia is currently updating its Social Definition of a Family, with some adherents to the Ancient Traditions trying to enclose everyone within their social bubble, while fearing they will either be excluded from what used to be an almost universal social bubble or they will be forced to include within their social bubble some elements that are presently outside the impervious barrier.
[Editors Note: I came up with this heuristic, mental model of Society decades ago, but it sat on my virtual shelf of un-written books.  It is far too complex to describe in full here, and I suppose my use of some terms has put everyone off. Naum Tered]
The difference between Social Bubbles and soap foam is that the people are within the bubbles.  However, if mathematically we replace all the people, who might be like the non-dimensional, dot centres of gravity with the fields they represent, then we have something like the big, open bubbles that make up the universe just like the unseen bubbles in bread and cake. 
Because we all belong to many different bubbles, it is hard to imagine them if they are all transparent, but assigning colour to the bubbles means it is possible to imagine them intersecting with each other.  A two-dimensional version is often used to illustrate Sets and for other organisational reasons and sometimes called Venn Diagrams.  If we want to be really clever we can imagine these bubbles existing in four dimensions where it is possible for otherwise impossible connections to exist, though in some perceptions, seven dimensions is more meaningful.
Politics is like a big balance, where the Social Bubbles on each side weigh up against each other.  Boundaries between the bubbles are not smooth but fractal, and individuals from each side move into the domains of each other, perhaps due to their participation in some other Social Bubble all together, so that they form tendrils that spiral about each other on the boundary. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

3 CR Radiothon

Hi 'Radio for Change',

Today I made a donation to your radiothon of $240-00.

The program that I wish to support of 'Beyond the Barricades' 'Save Albert Park' that has been broadcast at 6pm Mondays for two decades - and still the race usurps a Public Park at great expense, fudged attendance statistics and with administrative secrecy.

I do not agree with all the programs on 3CR, particularly the racist, Jew-hating, anti-Semitic, fake and false Palestinian 'cause' that denies Israel's right to exist and reverse the re-unification of Jerusalem.  Only Israel wants a two-state solution, that the Palestinians have repeatedly rejected when offered.  Israel unilaterally left Gaza, but instead of gratitude leading to a similar withdrawal from the West Bank, Israel received thousands of deadly missiles from Gaza as well as most of the International Aid to Gaza building tunnels to invade Israel instead of helping the people of Gaza.  I have been to Gaza myself and want an end to the way the people there are kept in poverty by the anti-Zionist Arabs, along with the fourth generation so-called 'refugees' in Jordan and elsewhere, with the claim that it is just a matter of time before all the Jews are pushed into the sea, Israel is wiped of the maps (it already is missing from Arab school atlases) and everyone can finish Hitler's 'final solution'.

There are other programs as well that I consider of dubious worth, but I also believe that people should have the right to speak out and express opinions, even if they differ from my opinion!!

Generally, I agree with the underlying premise of Community Radio of empowering the Community and all individual, ordinary people.  While I am more in favour of individual freedom that some of the Totalitarians I hear on 3CR, and cannot foresee an actual end to the Free Enterprise Economic System, but I agree with all your presenters that we need adequate regulation and supervision.  My own view on Economics is that most people do not understand 'money', which I see as a form of Energy (not yet recognised by Physicists) that is created as the balance to debt, in the same way Positive and Negative Electricity and Magnetism balance each other.  The problem is Interest.  It is no coincidence that all the major religions prohibit interest.  Energy is not like goods and services that can have a price put on it; the 'price of money' that is interest, is a fabrication that leads to problems.  The Chinese a couple of decades ago hit on how they can create interest free debt between Government and Government owned Banks and hence create an unlimited amount of money with which to buy up the rest of the world.  Greece as well as Australia suffers from the limitation ob the Creation of Debt by Central Banks because they have interest added that just grows exponentially as Governments keep having to borrow more to service the loans.  It limits the money supply and is a bottomless pit of unproductive debt.  Fees for setting up loans are a different sort of cost, and are legitimate for banks, but any so called Socialist economic system that still incorporates usury is doomed to fail.

Well there is my rant, to get my money's worth out of my donation.  I would love to have the chance to say it on air, if anyone wanted to phone me any time on 0414 766 825 to chat.

I am also very keen on Reconciliation and applaud the recent Uluru Statement.  Australia still has unresolved guilt, and it is my opinion that this is the cause of the futile and divisive campaign to become a Republic.  Despite its faults that should be addressed individually, our Constitution is excellent and the result of hundreds of years of revolution and dispute. We should be pleased to remain a Monarchy, and instead of attempting Republicanism by Stealth, we should take full advantage of the opportunities that we ignore.  I would love to discuss this too.  The Uluru Statement progresses from Mabo to acknowledge than not only is there continuing Real-Estate ownership, but there is joint-Sovereignty in Australia sharing the Traditions of Country with our British Rule of Law.  Still, most Australians are in denial of one or the other, and few embrace both.  (I received a High Distinction in Aboriginal Cultures through the David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education, but I cannot claim direct ancestry, though I was conceived and born in Wurundjeri Country.)

I would like to see Albert Park and other Melbourne Parks as well as all our ludicrously named 'Nature Strips' permitted to return to natural, endemic bushland, which happens at no cost if you just leave land alone.  'Save Albert Park' is a bourgeois organisation run by middle-class lefties who want a traditional British-style park with lawns and cultivated shrubs, like they want mowed nature strips.  Of all Melbourne' Major Events, the Grand Prix could be a genuine 'working class' celebration, which might justify taking over a People's Park for a few months, but it remains an Elite Sport.  I still support the basic principles of 'Save Albert Park'/'Beyond the Barricades', especially opposition to the secretive way it was imposed, and have not expressed these reservations about the campaign that I think saves the wrong sort of park and excludes the right sort of people.

Naum Tered